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Med news from all over the world are making big impact on people’s life, from little children to elderly people we call benefit from the new discoveries that researches do during the diagnose and rehabilitation of a patient. Healthcare is a very important part of our lives and we need medical devices that are precise and give us an assertive diagnose. New medical software will allow fast and secure diagnose and usage of clinical laboratory only if medical condition is critical, med technologies include biotech is used for genetic engineering hoping that in a near future we can all benefit from discoveries on how to heal our bodies. Linux tech is used for medical software that we can find in medical devices. Open source medical software is fundamental for getting electronic health records to keep track of patients progress during treatment.

Latest important mednews are the Excimer Laser System, which was approved recently, this is a refractive excimer laser that is designed for LASIK surgery and it will change how eye bends light. These med news featured medical devices will allow correction of astigmatism with ultraviolet light pulse and is specially designed for patients that can’t have a normal LASIK surgery.

The latest medical technology advancement on the med news is the Vysis ALK Break Apart FISH Probe Kit, This is a cancer test, which allows a DNA test by the usage of fluorescent dyes that detect the chromosomal rearrangements. This product will allow patients to get a diagnose without having to go to a clinical laboratory. This is used for tumor characteristics only.

The most easy tool that we can use as a medical device is the Smart Phone, mednews are that researches have turned into a medical monitor that measures user’s heart rate. Medical device is not stopping here, they are looking to also apply this med technologies to tablets. This will help patients to monitor heir heart beat without having go carry bigger devices and can do the examination anywhere, there’s no doubt that med tech is everywhere.

There are many updates when it comes to linux tech and information technology. Keep visiting to learn about the latest med news on medical technologies.