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Alternatives To Botox


Women around the world usually spend millions of dollars on expensive salon treatments that they hope will turn the clock back. From peels to the eyelash growing treatments, Botox to fillers, the demand for products that are able to restore youthful beauty and tighten the skin will never fade. However, in addition to being costly, many anti-ageing treatments are uncomfortable while some are even painful procedures. This causes some individuals to experience unpleasant side effects which results in the need for some natural alternatives.

As with all other cosmetic procedures, the best results are always achieved by using a consistent regimen. Therefore, if you decide to supplement your beauty regime using a natural alternative, you should make sure that you undertake the routine regularly so as to see a difference. Even though Botox is a quick fix to an uplifted and very smooth complexion, most people do not like the idea of having to inject toxins directly into their face. In case you are one of them, here are the best Botox alternatives:

Zk’in Line Smoothing Serum

This is the best Botox alternative. Most customers consider Zk’in Line Smoothing Serum as the fastest working, line smoothing and face lifting natural alternative to Botox. Zk’in Line smoothing serum is well-designed to help in reducing fine lines so as to give you more youthful appearance. The serum achieves this through its active ingredient, Gatuline Expression (Paracress extract) that has been clinically tested to smooth wrinkles and fine lines. In fact, the clinical tests of the extract saw an amazing 75 percent of volunteers see the results on the next day just after their first application. The incredible ingredient usually works similarly to the injectables but without the pain associated with injectables. One of the best things about Zk’in brand is the fact that it has zero tolerance approach to all toxins. This means that you will not find parabens, sulphates, GMO ingredients and petrochemicals in their products. The serum is made in Australia. It is also has gel-based design so as to be absorbed rapidly. For the best result, you have to apply at night or in the morning underneath or even in place of the regular moisturizer (in case you have oily skin).

Vanessa Megan’s Marine Collagen Anti-Ageing Night Cream

Since the human skin is up to three times more regenerative at night, it is important for you to use a high quality night cream such as this Vanessa Megan’s Marine Collagen Anti-Ageing Cream. The product includes the scientifically proven IBR-Dormin technology that has been proven to be helpful in slowing down any signs of ageing. Clinical studies were conducted using IBR-Dormin 1 percent cream on 20 women for 6 weeks. The results showed significant improvements in skin firmness, skin elasticity and a decrease in the depth of wrinkle. The cream also contains ginseng that helps to form connective tissues like collagen that strengthens, smooths, tightens and lifts skin. As a result, Vanessa Megan’s Marine Collagen Anti-Ageing Cream is mostly referred to as the nature’s Botox alternative. The cream is full of moisturizing ingredients and essential oils that makes it plumping, hydrating and a dream to apply. You just have to simply massage the cream gently into skin all over the face, décolletage and neck before bed and it shall work its magic as you sleep.

100 Percent Pure Super Fruits Serum

This serum is ideal to use day or at night and it is full of nourishing minerals, vitamins and nutrients. The serum works by helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It also improves the skin’s elasticity and firmness. This is usually done through the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) value of the antioxidants that rejuvenate dull or mature skin so as to fight ageing. The antioxidants are sourced from very powerful anti-ageing fruits across the world that have the highest ORAC value.

Mukti Age Defiance Eye Serum

The skin found around your eyes is extremely delicate. As a result, other than the forehead, it’s one of the common places for individuals to get Botox. However, the good news is that Mukti’s Age Defiance Serum will help you in reducing appearance of the crow’s feet. The serums has been created in Australia and it’s formulated with Sweet Almond, Sea Buckthorn and Emu Apple alongside specific peptides (Eyeseryl, Hyadisine, Serilesine and Argireline), native extracts, vitamins and antioxidants. This serum helps to enhance the skin elasticity, smoothness and it also reduces lines. Clinical studies conducted on several participants using this serum twice a day showed that eye wrinkles decreased by up to 17 percent in 15 days and 27 percent in 30 days of use.

Andalou Deep Wrinkles Dermal Filler

In case you have deeper wrinkles then the Andalou Deep Wrinkles Dermal Filler is ideal for you. The dermal filler is suitable for mature skins that require a little “plumping.” This wonderful and budget friendly Botox alternative uses ingredients including Goji Glycopeptide, Cupuacu Butter and Resveratrol to nourish, hydrate and also firm your skin while still aiming to stimulate production of collagen so as to help in restoring the skin elasticity. The Andalou products utilize the power of the fruit stem cells that has been proven to provide amazing results. Several test results show that 87 percent of people who used Andalou saw overall improvement in the skin luminosity and tone, 100 percent saw improved hydration, 62 percent saw a decreases in the number of wrinkles and fine lines, 50 percent saw a reduction in depth and length of wrinkles and lines and 87 percent saw an improved elasticity of their skin. You just have to simply apply two times a day so as to clean the skin then apply the regular moisturizer on top.

Acure Radical Wrinkle Complex

Do you want to banish those fine lines the natural way? In case that’s the case then the Acure Radical Wrinkle Complex is the perfect product for you. The a unique blend of potent antioxidants rich products like as organic botanicals, vitamins and essential amino acids makes it best to use at night. The product also features the Acure’s signature formulation of 5 percent Organic Chlorella’s Growth Factor, Organic Argan Oil and Organic Curoxidant. This combination usually works to promote cell turnover and smooth fine lines all while you’re asleep.