Biotechnology of the World

Biotechnology also known as Biotech is a field that uses the application of Biology, which involves the usage of bio processes in engineering, medicine, technology, fields that require bio products and living organisms. This technology also uses these products for purposes of manufacturing. This concept involves a large range of procedures for the modification of living organisms according to the purposes of humans.

The term biotechnology is known to be an application of technical and scientific advances in life science for the development of commercial products. Biotech term is very important for the life of humanity. Biotechnology is found in four industrial areas which are the following: Crop production, health care, agriculture, non food and other biodegradable products such as vegetable oil, biofuels and biodegradable plastics.

The modern Biotech associated to medicine provides various applications in the following areas: Gene therapy, drug production, pharmacogenomics, genetic testing, etc. The NIH known as The National Institute of Health was the first federal regulatory agency for Biotechnology. Nowadays Bio tech is offered at community colleges or you can also purchase its courses online.