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Clear Skin Diet


Did you know that certain foods have the powerhouse ingredients that help in keeping the skin smooth and supple and even help in fighting age-related problems? As beauty products become more high-tech, the best complexion cures and remedies for the skin come from the most natural ingredients: food. A clear skin diet is all you need if you want to have a radiant skin and to look younger. Foods for healthy skin are in plenty but very few people know about them. They are readily available and are not expensive as compared to beauty products. The following are the best foods for healthy skin:


Most people love eating chocolate because it is sweet. Very few know that chocolate can actually help you get a healthy glowing skin. Chocolate contains cocoa and cocoa helps in hydrating your skin, making it supple and firm. A dark chocolate is rich in Flavonols, which is a strong type of antioxidant. For better results, you are encouraged to eat chocolate that contains 70% cocoa.


Most people think that almonds are nuts. Almonds are not nuts they are seeds that are rich in Vitamin E which is a powerful sun blocker. We all know the negative effects of extreme exposure to sunlight; you might get sunburns and in extreme cases you might be affected by the sun’s UV rays. Vitamin E helps in protecting the skin cells from the harsh UV rays and other factors that may generate free radicals that may damage the skin cells.


Carrots are rich in vitamin A. carrots are good for sight and they are also good for clearing skin breakouts. Vitamin A contained in carrots is essential in preventing the overproduction of dead cells in the outer layer of the skin. When combined with sebum, dead cells can clog pores and cause pimples. On top of that, vitamin A also helps in reducing the development of skin cancer-causing cells. You can eat raw carrots, crush them and drink carrot juice or cook them in food.


Yogurt is known for its numerous benefits to the human body. Among these benefits is its ability to make your skin firmer and healthier. Yogurt contains animal protein that is essential in making your skin smooth, firm and resistant to wrinkles. For great complexion and smooth skin, it is advisable to drink a single serving of good quality yogurt on a daily basis.


Strawberries contain more vitamin C and anti-aging properties per serving than grapefruits or oranges. Strawberries are known to prevent formation of fine lines on the skin that cause wrinkles and also prevents dry skin. Vitamin C contained in strawberries helps in fighting free radicals that damage the skin leading to formation of fine lines. Therefore, if you want to look younger with a beautiful moist and ever glowing skin, it’s time you considered eating strawberries on a regular basis.


These seeds are very rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are known to aid in preventing the formation of fine lines and also helps in erasing dark sports on the skin surface. On top of that, omega 3 fatty acids are believed to suppress the body’s response to irritation and helps in attracting water to the skin cells making it moist and reduce the formation of wrinkles. You can sprinkle the seeds on oatmeal or add them in vegetables as you eat.

Green Tea

Green tea is regarded as a super food or drink because of its numerous health benefits. Green tea contains high levels of antioxidants with proven anti-inflammatory properties. When you drink it hot, this tea releases catechins, which is a type of antioxidant known for its anti-cancer properties. Drinking more than two cups daily will not only help in preventing skin cancer but it can also help in reversing the effects of sun damage on sun-exposed skin.


Walnuts are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which help in improving the elasticity of the skin. Additionally, walnuts are loaded with copper, a potent mineral that increases collagen production. Eating walnuts on a daily basis will improve your complexion, texture and make your skin glow and beautiful.


In summary, do not only focus your attention on skin care products as there are a lot of natural foods for healthy skin that can not only improve how your skin looks but also improve your general health. Eat a clear skin diet and you will minimize the need for skin care products.