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Face Tightening Exercises


A well toned physique makes you appear younger but unless you exercise, the face muscles wear out either due to the aging factor or even stress which pulls down the corners of the mouth and exaggerates the jowls. Some people will also develop a double chin though this is mostly caused by weight gain. Practicing yoga facial exercises daily can help to tighten facial skin by strengthening the muscles under the skin.

Double Chin Exercises

The following double chin exercises will help to tone the face muscles, firm the skin and get rid of the excess fat which significantly reduces a double chin. Though losing weight can help eliminate double chins, not all people with double chins are overweight, sometimes they can be genetic. The exercises are:

1. The Chin Lift

Chin lift tones and stretches the throat, neck and neck muscles.

How to do a chin lift

· Sit or stand with an erect spine

· Tilt the head until you can see the ceiling

· Purker the lips like you want to kiss the ceiling and hold the position for a count of five then release. Repeat the exercise 10 times in the morning and evening.

2. The Neck Roll

Neck roll tones and stretches the neck, throat and jaw muscles as well as ease shoulder and neck pain.

How to do a Neck Roll

· Sit or stand with an erect spine

· While gently inhaling, turn the head on one side until it touches one shoulder and while exhaling, turn the head down until it rests on the chest

· Repeat this for the other shoulder and remember to keep the spine erect.

· Repeat the neck roll for about 10 times daily.

3. The Jaw Release

A jaw release stretches the face muscles. Here is how to do it:

· Sit with the spine in an erect position

· Inhale deeply through the nose then slowly exhale while humming with the lips tightly closed. While exhaling and inhaling, move the jaws like you are chewing.

· After you are done exhaling open the mouth wide then inhale and exhale with the mouth open making an audible ahh sound. To help the jaw relax, place the tip of the tongue on the back of the lower teeth.

· Repeat this about 10 times daily.

4. Platysma Exercise

Platysma is a big muscle that runs from the shoulder to the jawline. Platysma exercise helps to keep the throat and the chin firm. Here is how it is done:

· Sit or stand ensuring that the spine is in an erect position

· Pull the lips back against the teeth then turn the mouth corners downwards

· Slightly open the mouth, activate the jaw muscles while keeping the lips pressed against the teeth and the mouth corners turned down.

· Now wiggle the lower jaw up and down for about five times.

Facial Exercises For Jowls

Jowls refers to the flesh beneath the jaws. They often appear as people age or as a result of a massive weigh tolls. Jowls exercises target the cheeks muscles helping to firm and tighten them. The facial exercises for the jowls include:

Jowl Exercise 1

This exercise aims at toning the muscles just beneath the chin.

Sit upright looking at the ceiling until the neck muscle is fully stretched. When in this position, make about 20 chewing motions while moving the jaw up and down. Repeat this daily.

Jowl Exercise 2

Sit upright looking up with the chin facing the ceiling then purse the lips and elongate them towards the ceiling. Hold the position for about 5 seconds the release. Repeat this exercise 10 times daily.

Jowl Exercise 3

Sit upright with the chin pointing towards the ceiling and the lips together but relaxed. Extend the lower lip until it fully covers the upper lip. Hold this position for about 5 seconds then relax. Repeat 10 times daily.

Jowl Exercise 4

Sit with the face relaxed and the lips together then raise the upper lip towards the nose as if you are puckering the upper lip.

Now pull the corner of the lip in a closed smile until you hear the jowl muscles clench. Hold the position for about 20 seconds then relax.

Just like all exercises, for effective results, you should be consistent. The exercises should be performed daily for the first four months after which they can be performed 3-4 times a week.

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