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Facial Exercises For Wrinkles


These days, when you look all around you, people are always looking for faster solutions to problems. This is also true in the cosmetic industry.

Chances are, you have heard some marketing ploys like these: you want tighter skin? We got a quick fix for that! Or, perhaps you wish to have a more radiant skin? Try this one!

However, we all know there are huge downsides to these so-called quick fixes. It’s either its widely expensive, only fixes the surface or even dangerous. Anti-aging treatments or products are a prime example for these. When it comes to your skin, the slow way is the better way in most cases.

For many women, they would like to minimize or get rid of visible lines and wrinkles. Instead of grabbing the next popular anti-aging product, why not try to do it the truly natural way.

What this article is talking about is face lift exercises or facial exercises for wrinkles. I bet you are curious! You probably think that there is no such thing.

Well, there is! And, in this article we are going to feature some of the best facial exercises.

The V

The V is a great facial exercise to treat or to get rid puffiness of the eyes, eye bags, crow’s feet or drooping eyelids. You can say it’s a good alternative to eye surgery or Botox. However, you have to do the massage regularly to get the best results.

The first step is to place you pointer finger and middle finger at the inner corners of your eyebrows. It’s like your forming a “V” with your fingers.

Do this with both hands for both eyes so you can do more things at once. Start applying a bit of pressure to the fingers.

Next step is to look up. Then raise your lower eyelids upwards. If you feel you are doing a squint, then you are doing it right. Hold it for a couple of seconds, and then relax.

Repeat the steps for six times. Finish the massage by tightly shutting your eyes for 10 seconds.

The Smile Smoother

The Smile Smoother is a great facial massage to lift up that “sagginess” of your facial skin. It’s also a great massage for diminishing or minimizing that cheek lines. If you do this facial massage regularly, then you could be saving yourself from dermal fillers and lower face lift.

The first step is making an O shape with your mouth. It’s important that you hide your teeth while you do this step. Hence, it’s like covering your teeth with your lips while you create an “O” shape.

Once you have done the first step, you can then proceed to the second step. While keeping the “O” shape, start smiling as widely as you can. Repeat this step up to 6 times.

Next, hold that smile while forming that “O” shape. Then, place your index finger on your chin. While doing this, start moving your jaw up and down. While you are doing this, tilt your head to the back a little.

Smooth the Brow

Smooth The Brow is a great facial massage if you want to smoothen that horizontal lines found in your forehead. Doing this massage regularly is like getting a Botox on your forehead. Only this massage is a lot safer and a lot cheaper than Botox.

The first step is to place four of your fingers, except the thumb on your forehead. Both of your hands should be facing each other, and spread your fingers evenly from the top of the eyebrow to the hairline.

Then, start pulling your fingers outwards. Do it slowly and gently, along with light pressure. You will feel that relaxing stretch of the skin when doing this.

Release the hold and let your skin relax. Repeat the massage 10 times for best results.

Today’s cosmetic industry is filled with quick fixes. In fact, if you have the money and guts, cosmetic surgery is the ultimate quick fix of them all. However, we all know that quick fixes carry some downsides and risks. As an example, cosmetic surgery is not only very risky, but it’s also widely expensive. Thankfully, there is a safer solution and that is facial massage.

Facial massage is not only cheap, but it’s perfectly safe. You can do it at the comforts of your home without additional tools or products. With regular facial massage, it’s possible to minimize and even diminish lines, wrinkles and sagginess.

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