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How To Reduce Wrinkles


A wrinkle, also referred to as a rhytide, is a ridge, crease or fold in the skin. Wrinkles are usually caused by thin and sagging skin. They mostly appear on the neck, face, backs of hands, and on top of forearms. Wrinkles generally occur as part of the natural aging processes, when the elastin and collagen in the connective tissues of the skin become weak and then break down due to the changes in the fibroblast that produce elastin and collagen.

Excess or premature wrinkles can also be caused by factors such as too much exposure to the sun or harsh environments, use of certain drugs, smoking, excessive stress, loss of vitamin E, sudden weight loss and genetic predisposition.

Dermatologists have a wide range of tools for tackling these little lines that usually mark the passage of time. These tools include prescription creams, Botox and chemical peels. However, the best option is always to protect the skin just as it is. Here is a comprehensive description on how to get rid of frown lines:

Don’t Over-Wash

You might be surprised by this skin-care tip. However, cutting down on the skin cleansing could just save your skin. Many dermatologists have stressed on the threat of over-washing the skin. The natural oils within the skin usually protect it while also keeping it moist. Washing the face too often can strip the skin of these important oils and it can cause irritation and dryness. This might cause the skin to look aged and dull. Staying clean is very important but you should also be gentle to the skin.

Do Yoga For Your Face

As strange as it might sound, face yoga is one of the newest anti-aging trends. Yoga instructors across the world are teaching the special face yoga classes or even incorporating it in their regular routines. Professionals say that a lot of tension could be carried in your face. They recommend that performing simple facial exercises might improve the look of the face and also help you to appear younger. Therefore, get stretching so as to remove the forehead wrinkles.

Eat The Right Produce

Many vegetables and fruits contain antioxidant compounds that are very important for your skin. Researches from the Berlin Charité hospital showed that the skin with higher levels of antioxidants generally had few wrinkles and therefore looked a bit younger. As a result, you should include more produce in your diets and you might be on your way to getting an improved skin.


Moisturizing is very important for healthy skin, particularly during the winter and fall months. As you grow older, the skin dries out. Moisturizers usually soften wrinkles and lines thus keeping the skin moist for a healthy glow. You should also use a daily moisturizer with the SPF 15 or even higher so as to protect the skin against future wrinkles and also keep it hydrated.

Feast On Fish

Increasing fish in your diets is vital for your skin. Salmon fish is full of antioxidants and it’s the all-around best type of fish to eat for the skin. Try cooking salmon with the veggies on skewers or add tuna on top of a salad.

Kick all your bad habits

For years, skin care experts have said that smoking causes premature aging and facial wrinkles. Recent studies have also suggested that smoking cigarettes might age the skin. In addition, the American Academy of Dermatologists says that smoking might worsen the wrinkles that you have now. Therefore, improve your health and appearance by quitting smoking.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Nighttime is always the body’s time to renew and mend your skin. Depriving the body of sufficient sleep might also be depriving the skin of the time that it needs to repair. The perfect time for the skin to absorb the facial products is always at night. As such, to make the most out of this time, you should apply a nighttime skin treatment and then sink into bed when ready to fight aging.


Drinking at least 8 full glasses of pure and filtered water daily is crucial in keeping the skin well hydrated, silky and smooth. If the skin is dry, roughness and fine lines develop and it will look less radiant and older. You should increase your intake of water by drinking a glass every morning after waking up. You should also carry a water bottle with you and then refill it all through the day. You can also order water while eating out and try to add a lemon or lime so as to liven up its taste.

Try a Home Remedy

To get a healthy glow at home, you should try using the natural alpha hydroxyl acid. Gently smoothen the inside of a lemon, papaya peel or lime over the skin in the evening before you go to bed so as to effectively slough off the dead skin cells and then reveal new, fresh and radiant cells underneath. You can also lighten the age spots using fresh lemon juice applied two times a day using a cotton swab.

Get Out of The Sun

Without sun protection, many people who spend a lot of time outdoors usually develop a skin that makes them to look older than their real age. Staying out of the sun is very ideal. However, in case you need to be out in the sun, then sunscreen is a must have for preventing skin damages.

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