Ipad Medical Applications

The presence of the iPad in the health sector is promising, we highlight 10 medical applications of iPad to improve the daily life of professionals with this tablet, which offers access to medical information, consultation of anatomical atlas management with the patient, writing, documentation and research, as well as communication tools and marketing for its clinics.

The Apple iPad is 95.5% of the market for tablets and although 5% presence of competitors sounds like a little, the refinement of tablets with the OS, Google Android, the BlackBerry Playbook, and mobile devices of Hewlett Packard, Microsoft and ViewSonic will make the difference in this competition closer soon.

You have much more information about the future of the market of Ipad medical applications in this article: study on the impact of the mobile applications in the medical industry and health

As had requested us, this is the list of the top 10 Ipad medical applications:

1- Papers – tool of documentary annotations, list of papers and access to data bases for scientific research.

2- OsiriX – medical and radiological Imaging in the iPad. Previously we published an article on the use of an iPad with OsiriX in surgery in Kobe, Japan.

3- Human Atlas (soon) – Atlas of human anatomy of Blausen themed plastic and aesthetic surgery. Previously we highlight this medical application iPhone version.

4- modalityBODY – interaction with medical imaging. Anatomical Atlas.

5- ReachMD Medical Radio – Podcasts and Live Streaming content medical educational and informative.

6- EdgeDMS (1) (2) – interactive dental letter, observations, x-ray, diagnostic etiology for management of patients in dentistry and dental clinics.

7- Dental Expert – dental medical application for iPad and iPhone which explains treatments with the dentist.

8- MedScape – reference, contraindications and combinations of drugs. Videos and images for diseases and risk factors, procedures and protocols. Previously we highlight the Android version.

9- Grays Anatomy Premium Edition for iPad (soon) – book of graphic reference and anatomical atlases.

10- The Skeletal System (soon) – map of the human equeleto with multiple visualizations, 3D rotations, interaction, descriptions, quizes.

11- TWINIA – an extra application that we highlight for its quality and be the result of the industry and creativity of doctors and developers of Barcelona Spain. Communication and marketing for health centers that put in the hands of his patients an iPad for the complete management of your personal data, as well as information and entertainment.