How To Market Your Software Company At A Tradeshow

Trade Show Advertising Is Not The Same As Normal Advertising

The allure of trade shows is completely understandable. You can talk to a huge number of potential clients, all looking specifically for what you’re offering. You don’t have to seek out people in a trade show! They come right to you!


The real truth is that trade show advertising is incredibly important if you’re going to accomplish anything. You can’t treat a trade show the same as any other sales opportunity. People may be there specifically for what you’re selling, but they’re also savvy about the business. This means they’re not going to be drawn in by the same thing as people who are only hobbyists.

So what’s different between normal advertising and trade show advertising? Several things.

Substance Over Sizzle

People at a trade show aren’t looking for the ways your service can change their lives. They already know what your product or service can do. That’s why they’re at the trade show. Instead, they’re going to be looking for the technical aspects. To properly advertise, you’ll need to find a way to lay out the technical specs of your product, or the detailed applications of your services, in a quick and concise manner.

Expect To Sell Nothing

Most people don’t buy things at trade shows. It’s an unfortunate truth of the situation. When people go to trade shows, they’re looking for information. Based on what information they get, they’ll decide what company they’ll choose afterward.

So don’t set up your advertising with the intent on hard selling. Instead, set things up to make it easy for choose your company. Give potential customers multiple ways to get in touch with you and several ways to remember you.

As you can see, some of the major aspects of advertising in trade shows are much different than normal advertising. So make absolutely certain you’re prepared!

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