Medical Technology Term

Medical technology is known worldwide for the improvement and extension of life. The role of this technology is essential to health care because it alleviates an injury, handicap or pain. Its innovation is known for enhancing the effectiveness and quality of care.

Nowadays, millions of patients around the world are known to depend at a hospital, home, nursing homes, doctor office from medical technology. Some of the technology medical supplies and devices are the following: 1- orthopedic shoes, 2- wheelchairs, 3- insulin, 4- pacemakers, 5- contact lenses, 6- condoms, 7- pregnancy tests, 8- oxygen masks, 9- surgery instruments, 10- dental floss, 11- syringes, 12- MRI scanners, etc. It is known that nowadays there are available more than 600,000 med tech products.

The Med Tech term associates a wide range of health care supplies, which are used for monitoring, diagnose, treat medical conditions or diseases that affect humans. Med Tech is an application of Medical Science because it intends to improve the quality of health care. This term also refers to the duties that are performed by a clinical laboratory specialist also known as medical technologist in private and public sectors, which are focus on clinical applications such as the following: genetics, immunology, chemistry, microbiology, hematology, urinalysis, serology, etc. Biomedical technology refers to the application of technology and engineering principles for biological and living systems. Learn here more about medical technology.