The MRI Scanner

Here at you will gather information about the MRI scanner. What is MRI?. MRI also known as Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a technique of medical imaging that is used in radiology. This technique is used to visualize very detailed internal structures of the human body. It is a new technique that has been officially used since 1980. Its history rejects back to 1950 when Herman Carr had reported the creation of one dimension MR image. An American chemist called Paul Lauterbur expanded the technique created a way to generate the first MRI images.

The MRI scanner is a machine that uses a magnetic field for the magnetization of several atoms in the body. It also uses fields of radio frequency to alter the alignment of magnetization. This procedure causes the nuclei to create a magnetic field, which is detected by this machine. This information is recorded for the construction of an image of the body area that was scanned.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is known for providing a successful contrast between soft tissues of the human body. MRI is very useful in imaging the muscles, brain, cancers and the heart. This medical imaging technique does not use ionizing radiation compared to other imaging tomographic techniques such as Computed Tomography. The MRI scanner is harmless to the patient because of its usage of magnetic fields and non ionizing radiation.