PS3 Fights Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease

Owners of the PlayStation 3 also known as PS3 consoles with Internet access can participate in a program of Stanford University to study the relationship of certain protein processes in diseases such as cancer or Alzheimer’s disease.

The program Stanford University created in 2000, seeks to delve into the study of certain protein processes to determine their relation to degenerative diseases such as those mentioned. It’s an extremely complex study and it requires enormous amounts of computing power, said Sony. Through this form of treatment of data it is possible to take advantage of the unused capacity of personal computers connected to the Internet, basically it’s installing a light program that takes advantage of unused system resources to contribute to a common research in the personal computer. Participants may provide the great power of their consoles PS3 computer program-style This popular program, which sought to analyze complex radio signals from outer space in search of extraterrestrial life, told with the help of thousands of computers around the world, through the same system.

IBM launched two years ago another similar project to help scientists from the Scripps Research Institute, in La Joya (California), to analyze chemical compounds that someday could help find a cure against AIDS. In this case the user of computer interested in participating in the initiative could download a free software or register at a website and do their bit for a good cause. PS3 users can begin to participate in the project by accessing Life with PlayStation through the interactive menu ‘XrossMediaBar’, as noted by Sony.