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Skin Care Tips


Did you know that the skin is the largest organ in the body? It covers all parts of the human body and like all the heart, kidney and lungs, the skin also needs to be taken care of. Facial skin requires more care than the skin on other parts of the body because most of the time it is uncovered. Everyone wants a beautiful face, while make-up can cover some forms of unhealthy and unclear skin, having good skin should be your main priority.  Clear and healthy skin requires cleanliness, hydration and nutrition among several other factors.


Since your face goes uncovered all day, it often comes in to contact with germs and dirt in the environment and can build up a layer or patches of these foreign substances. A good cleansing with cleansing milk eliminates all foreign material. For healthy clear skin, try cleansing as the first step before applying any cream or treatment in the morning or at night before going to sleep.


Moisturizing or hydrating (however you call it), is a practice of adding moisture to your skin cells to give your skin that fresh look, like that of a healthy baby. Exposure to the sun and air make the skin cells lose their water content. Aging also causes the skin to lose water and dry out. A bad diet low in natural products, use of alcohol, smoking tobacco and other drugs also contribute to a dry skin. Dry skin is taut and lacks elasticity and it can give you a major headache, hydrating with creams (especially those made with cucumber) should be part of your skin routine to get the moisture back into your skin cells.


Your body constantly regenerates, some cells die while others are being made and removing this outer dead layer of cells from the skin is what is known as exfoliation. The goal of exfoliation is to remove dead cells promoting skin regeneration with new cells. Exfoliation also opens closed pores in cases of acne. There are two types of exfoliation and you can choose one that you prefer. Chemical exfoliation is application of creams or lotions with exfoliation products while mechanical peeling is the use of abrasive granules during massage.

Facial Massage

A lot of people usually think that having a massage is a luxury, well have you ever thought that a massage could not only help you look better but is also good for your health? A facial massage like all other massages improves blood flow to the skin and tissues making sure your skin gets nutrients and oxygen. It also tones facial muscles and improves facial expression. Another thing that a facial massage will do for you is that it will promote the absorption of creams and lotions into the skin.

Remove Make-Up Before Going To Bed

While make-up makes you look good during the day, it does harm to your skin when you sleep in it. Removing make-up before going to bed is important because make-up clogs the skin’s pores and prevents the airing out that they need.


If you think smoking is cool, it’s not, and there are many of reasons why you should quit smoking. One of those reasons is your face, nicotine is a substance in tobacco that tightens the arteries, this reduces blood flow to the skin as well as other parts of the body. A poor circulation has bad effects to the skin, it dries the skin out and also wrinkles it.

Avoid Excessive Sun

A bit of sunshine does not hurt anyone, in fact it comes highly recommended. However, excessive exposure to the sun has several disadvantages. It promotes wrinkles on the face and increases your risk of getting skin cancer. It is wise to invest in a good sunscreen lotion especially during summer so that if you have to go outside on a hot sunny day, you apply the sunscreen on your face and other exposed parts to protect yourself from the sun. A beautiful face is made up of a beautiful smile, nice teeth and healthy clear skin. How to get beautiful skin really depends on your habits and whether you are willing to put in the effort.  Clear skin can be achieved by good hygiene like those mentioned above, a positive attitude and good nutrition. Investing in your skin is never a waste, because looking good can boost your confidence.

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