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Tips On How To Look Young


When you are young, your skin will stay smooth and plump because it is able to regenerate collagen. But as you age, the production of this important component slows down and the existing one can get damaged because of bad skin habits and exposure to the sun. This may result to wrinkles and sagging skin. Fortunately, there is a lot that you can do to make your skin look young and beautiful. Here are tips on how to stay young and beautiful.

Improve Your Vitamin C Intake

Vitamin C helps in the formation of collagen, and helps in linking amino acids to form proteins. Among good sources of vitamin C are red pepper, tomatoes, broccoli, oranges, sprouts and kiwi fruits among others. In addition, there are skincare products that contain vitamin C which encourage the repair of collagen. This is usually listed as Ascorbyl phosphate, Ascorbyl palmitate or L- Ascorbic-acid.

Stop Smoking

Smoking causes damage to the collagen in your skin, therefore leading to sagging skin. This is because it produces enzymes known as matrix metalloproteinases, which causes serious harm to your skin. Stopping smoking is a way is very cost effective way to keep your skin looking young.

Stay Sun Safe

Excessive exposure to the sun hastens the rate at which collagen in your body is lost. With excessive exposure, ultraviolet rays penetrates deeply inside your skin, therefore causing the deterioration of collagen and other support structures that are inside the skin. There are broad-spectrum creams that can offer solid protection against ultraviolet rays throughout the year.

Use Retinol Creams

Retinol creams have been proven to enhance the production of collagen. These creams reduce retinoids-substances that enhance the production of collagen, which are necessary for good-looking skin. There are many forms of mild retinol creams that you can find in the market today.

Cut Back On Sweets

It has been proven that consuming excessive sugar is a beauty disaster because it causes the skin to age prematurely. The excess sugar will get attached to nucleic acids, lipids and collagen proteins to form end products that accelerate the rate at which skin wrinkles develop.

Exfoliate Regularly

This entails removing the dead layer of the skin and helps to enhance the rate at which collagen and skin renewal takes place. One of the best ways to exfoliate is by using chemical exfoliants that include lactic acid and glycolic acid. They act by dissolving the bonding substances that holds dead skin to the surface rather than throwing it away just when you scrub it. This ensures that your skin is left looking younger, more radiant and more healthy.

Use Antioxidants

Using antioxidants helps in protecting you against free radicals, which cause the ageing of the skin. These free radicals get attached to the health skin cells and suck out electrons whenever necessary, therefore causing damage of health skin cells. By including antioxidants into your skin care regime, the free radicals are neutralized, therefore making it impossible for them to feed off our health skin. Sipping green tea and eating foods that are rich in Lutein helps a lot. In addition, you need to look for serums and creams that contain quality antioxidants.

Use Plant Proteins

As ageing strikes, estrogen levels in our bodies drops significantly. Since estrogen is crucial for making health collagen, crinkles and creases can creep to our skins. Consider eating foods that contain many plant proteins. Pinto beans, soy, nuts and hummus are some of the foods that are rich in plant proteins that can help the body look good.

Eat Foods That Are Rich in Omega 3

Omega 3 is a fatty acid that aids in the formation of skin cells, making them flexible and subtle. Include more salmon, walnuts, tuna and winter squash for smooth and attractive looking skin. Moreover, Flaxseed oil is rich in omega 3 and you can drizzle a small amount of it on your vegetables and salads.


Having a regular massage helps in improving the production of collagen, therefore making your skin look plumper. It also causes the stimulation of lymph glands that enhances the formation of clear skin.

Protect Your Skin Against Cold Weather

This is vital for keeping the skin soft and smooth. When temperature freezes, the skin will require special care against dehydration and chapping. Most of the available moisturizers contain about 70% water, which is not good for use during cold weather. However, there are highly effective protective creams that have been manufactured with little water in it.

By adopting, one or several of the above how to stay young and beautiful techniques, you can help keep your skin young, attractive and radiant for longer.

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