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Yoga Facial Exercises


Plastic surgery and Botox are so common these days. But, there still are some people who do not want to opt for surgeries, or perhaps cannot bear the high costs involved. This does not mean you cannot look young for long, you, in fact, can fade those wrinkles, and look glowing and beautiful that too in a natural way, all thanks to facial yoga. What are some of the benefits of yoga facial exercises? First let’s examine what facial yoga entails.

What is Facial Yoga?

Yoga for the face is a kind of workout program that tones, energizes, and lifts every muscle of the face and neck. As these muscles enjoy a workout, the result is fading of wrinkles, fine lines, and lessening of sagging skin. Many people believe that stimulation of facial muscles also contributes to a clear, glowing complexion.

Benefits of Facial Yoga

1. No cost

Facial yoga does not cost you anything. There are many websites that offer free instructions and demos. All you need to invest is time and discipline. You can keep watching free online videos and practice them until you get perfect. Just make sure you practice in front of the mirror so that you can exactly copy what the videos show you.

2. Tightens and tones facial muscles

Our face is made up of 57 muscles, and just like other parts of our body, they too need to be healthy and fit. When you practice yoga for the face regularly, the muscles will become firm, and the skin attached to them will also become tight and firm. It will help diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fines lines on your face.

3. Slows down aging

We squint, smile, and frown and experience tension in our face. Wrinkles will start appearing over time, as this is a natural process. Even though wrinkles cannot be avoided forever, but face yoga for wrinkles certainly can slow down the process of aging. The various facial exercise or poses will improve the blood flow to your face, and this will make your skin more nourished, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

4. Boosts confidence

We all want to look young and beautiful, and as facial yoga starts showing results like diminished wrinkles, fines lines, tighter skin, polished complexion, we start feeling good about ourselves, and this leads to an increase in our self-confidence.

Facial Yoga Exercises

Without any delay, let us get to learn some facial yoga exercises that you can start practicing for a more youthful appearance.

Around The Eye

Close both your fists while keeping your thumb upright. Now close your eyes and slowly start moving your left thumb on your left eye and right thumb on your right eye. Use gentle pressure while moving your thumb on your eye and make circles around it. Practice this exercise everyday for 2-3 minutes.

Benefit – This exercise will release muscles around your eye and help you get rid of dark circles.

Get Cheeky

This is a very simple yoga for the face. You just need to breathe in through the mouth, puff both the cheeks and hold on for few seconds. Now release the air through your mouth. Repeat the exercise 8-10 times.

Benefit – This pose will help strengthen your cheek muscles and will prevent them from becoming hollow and thin. So if you want plump and toned cheeks make sure you practice this exercise every day.

Surprise Me

Widen both your eye stretching as much as you can. Now squeeze your eyes tightly. Again open it wide and then squeeze. Keep dong this fast until you see your eyes have started watering. Now close both eyes and relax. Practice this yoga for 3-4 minutes.

Benefit – As you do this expression, it exercises the muscles around your forehead and your eyes. It can help improve eyesight and may even get you rid of spectacles over time.

Baby Bird

First, turn your head to the left, move your chin upward, and press the tip of your tongue to the roof of your mouth. Now smile and swallow. Repeat this exercise for the center and right side.

Benefit – This pose helps in preventing sagging and tones the neck muscles.

Smooth The Brow

Place both your hands on your forehead with finger facing inwards and spread all your fingers between your hairline and eyebrows. Now slowly sweep your fingers outwards across your forehead with just light pressure to tighten your skin. Relax and repeat this exercise 10 times.

Benefit – This face yoga pose helps minimize horizontal forehead lines.

These yoga facial exercises are sure to show great results, but you need to practice them every day. Also, this is no Botox or surgery so do now expect instant changes. But, if you do practice regularly and are patient, you will definitely love the results.